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47% of all marriages involving Jewish persons are interfaith marriages.  Why is that?

We, although one Jewish nation, we are scattered all around the world. With Jewish communities of only 1.500 in some countries (i.e.: in Sweden orJewish Matchmaking Ireland amongst many other places) there are limited opportunities to date. Good quality, traditional Jewish matchmaking services just don't exist there.

But then, the quoted above number represents the Jewish population in the USA alone. And Jewish matchmaking services in the US are numerous. What is happening, then?

Clearly the whole world is changing  and so is the reality of Jewish matchmaking. We live faster, we have less time and often we put the search for a potential marriage partner off, hoping the problem will sort itself out. And often, indeed, it does sort itself out… we meet a lovely, generous Gentile (non-Jew), we fall in love and end up in an interfaith marriage.   

And what is wrong with that? Aside from religious reasons, in order to protect our heritage and Jewish identity it is very important that our families are free from "foreign" influence. At the same time, many Jewish singles really do prefer to look for their basher amongst "their own". The problem is, with our busy schedules and limited time on our hands, we often just don't know how to fit the demanding process of Jewish matchmaking and dating into our lives.

At this time, last year, I was in the same situation. My life consisted of college a successful career (Baruch Hashem), extensive travelling and shul. Needles to say, my social life was nearly non-existent.  I didn't feel the need to date; I believed that if I am meant to meet my basher it would just happen. Years went by and… nothing happened.

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My situation resembled the one of Moshe, a devoted Jew, who for many years prayed to G-d for a winning ticket in Lotto. After many years of prayers Moshe completely lost hope and started becoming cynical and bitter. Seeing this, one night G-d appeared to him in his dream and said: "But Moshe, give me a chance and just once buy the ticket!" 

So I started praying and in the end decided to give G-d a chance. With limited time on my hands and unwilling to pay $20.000 - $150.000 for a traditional Jewish matchmaking service I decided to try online Jewish dating. To make the long story short - my life looks quite different now.

I have found my basher through online dating service. People who know us say that this match have been made in heaven. Our worlds, personalities and families fit so perfectly together. We are incredibly happy to have found each other, and are now engaged to be married.

I remember that the most difficult thing for me was a choice of the right online dating service. There is so many of them out there and, trust me, they are not all of the same quality. I made a thorough research before I signed up for two of them. Based on my experience I've prepared a review of available Jewish dating services. Hope you'll find it useful.

Jewish Matchmaking Jewish Matchmaking